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Aristopet Laxative for Cats 100g

Aristopet Laxative for Cats aids in the relief of hairballs and mild constipation.

This laxative is highly palatable and easy to administer.

Because cats and kittens ingest their hair as a result of self-grooming, the hair may accumulate in the stomach and form hairballs.

Signs of hairballs are coughing, vomiting, gagging and constipation.

Aristopet Laxative for Cats can assist with pushing ingested hair through the digestive tract.

SIZE: 100g

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
E.P. (Perth, AU)
Cat loves it

I mix it with my cat’s wet food, and he loves it. I tried a different brand and he wouldn’t eat it, so I’m sticking with this one.

Linda Broughton (Brisbane, AU)

Need this product for my cat. Works very well

Catservant (Kaoota, AU)
Effective laxative

Our aged Burmese cat suffers from intermittent constipation, no doubt due to her sedentary lifestyle. We have been using Aristopet for several years and it eases her problems considerably. It has no side effects that we are aware of, but it does take two full-grown humans to administer the dose. No doubt other cats would just lick the paste from a saucer, but Miss Cat is a bit stubborn.

Wendy Swan (Sydney, AU)
Aristopet Laxative for Cats

My fussy Burmese cat loves this!
And it works very well too for cats with a lazy bowel.

Jan W (Brisbane, AU)
Great product

The laxative for cats is a winner in my household, both the cats and the dog love it. Works well and gentle on the tummy.
I would highly recommend this product.