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Black Dog Wear Y Front Tracking Harness

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The Black Dog Wear "Y Front" Tracking Harness is easy to adjust across a broad size range.

The Small harness can be adjusted from a toy sized dog, through to medium breeds. It can fit your young dog and will probably still fit when it is fully grown.

The Regular harness can be adjusted from a medium/small sized dog, through to large breeds. It can fit your young dog and will probably still fit when it is fully grown.

Black Dog has developed the "Y Front" Harness System to allow a wide range of size adjustment while maintaining an exceptionally close fit to an individual dog's body shape. This is most important in a sport harness, where a dog is working hard and needs full body mobility and it is especially important to have a well fitting harness for young dogs learning a sport.

The Y Front Tracking Harness gives you active feedback through the "floating lead connection" allowing you to more easily "feel" your dog's activity at the end of the lead and the Girth Straps will actively tighten if a dog tries to back out of the harness.

Since its initial release the Y front harnesses have been made easier to adjust. Based on customer feed-back Black Dog have changed the way the adjustments are threaded to make them much easier to adjust, so you can easily get the best fit for your dog.

Black Dog Wear have often been asked for a fully adjustable sport harness for growing dogs, the Y Front System has been developed just for this reason.

Black Dog's legendary comfort and robustness in a great fitting sport harness and the flexibility to provide that great fit across an exceptionally wide range of body shapes.

SIZES: Small; Regular (see sizing guide)

COLOURS:  Blue;  Red;  Green;  Pink;  Purple;  Black;  Orange

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sharon FRASER (Brisbane, AU)
Y Front Tracking Harness

A really great fitting harness, very light weight but does the job very well. I have one for my 4 kg Papillon & my 24 kg Dalmatian both Trackers so a great Harness fior any size working dog.

Susan Harden NSW

Excellent harness for my little Patterjack. Lightweight, does not touch his underarms, good control. The first harness to fit comfortably, adjusts incredibly well. A bit fiddly to adjust when fitting for the first time as figure of eight strap in one piece. Worth the effort.
Spent a small fortune on other harnesses where , because he is so tiny, the buckles were always at his underarms and caused discomfort.

Tina McCarthy (Adelaide, AU)
Tracking harness

Based on measurements, I selected the regular size for my beagle. It seems a little large, even though I've adjusted it as much as I can. The adjustments are not the easiest to make if you are reducing the size, but once adjusted it can be put on, or taken off easily. I like the cotton webbing, it's soft on him and durable. He had never worn a harness before, so I was pleased that Ed seemed happy and comfortable from the start.

Katlyn (Adelaide, AU)
It's really good for puppies

This is good for puppies who are growing every week! The soft neoprene seems to be really gentle on the front and when there is tension it tightens across the chest which means no possible way of escape! Probably won't be ideal to prevent pulling--I like the balance harness for this with the clip front. But until my little guy settles into a size this is great. Also so good for the car.