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Blue Planet Fluke and Tapeworm Tablets

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This product worked for me

My majestic angel, the blue tang and a few other fishes were having issues with eye fluke and some white spots on their body, I firstly treated them with tri-sulfa from Blue Planet (two times duly following dosage and instr. as per package) and completed the job with one treatment of fluke and tapeworm who took care of the fluke. So good stuff

Good for parasites & routine treatment

Praziquantel is one of the most effective treatments available for monogeneans and other parasites, however you will need to do 4-6 rounds, in order for most effective treatment due to the life cycle of most parasites. That being said, I find it much more effective to dose as per the instructions, but instead continue the process 4-6 times so I'm dosing the prazi once weekly then allowing remaining parasites to become susceptible before dosing again. Use with caution on invertebrates and scaleless fish- make sure to do your research prior to application. I really like the ease of application, as they are easily dissolved prior to adding (there's always a lot of cellulose residue) however for larger tanks and ponds, it's really not cost-effective.