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Di-Vetelact Low Lactose Milk Replacer

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Di-Vetelact is a powdered milk formula suitable for all kinds of animals.

FOR ORPHANED AND EARLY WEANED ANIMALS - Di-Vetelact Low Lactose Animal Supplement is an ideal milk replacement.

FOR OLDER ANIMALS - Di-Vetelact can be used in powder or liquid form as a general supplement which offers excellent extra nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.

Lactose, hydrolysed skim milk and whole milk solids, dried vegetable oils, dextrose, dried glucose solids, casinates, lecithin, minerals, taurine, Vitamins, mixed tocopherols and emulsifiers.

Di-Vetelact has had its lactose enzymatically converted to easily digestible glucose and galactose. It is 95% lactose free.

Dilution A: 1 scoop Di-Vetelact to 60mls warm water.
Dilution B: 1 scoop Di-Vetelact to 40mls of warm water.

Foals, Calves, Kids and Fawns - feed solution A and do not increase concentration

Lambs, Native Animals, Rabbits, Kittens, Piglets, Puppies:  Start on dilution A and gradually increase to Dilution B over 1 week as tolerance to Di-Vetelact increases.

Caution - For all dilutions, if the animal develops diarrhoea, reduce to 3/4 strength for several days then gradually increase again once the diarrhoea disappears.

Orphaned or early weaned animals: Start with Dilution A.

Feeding Guide:
The amounts to be fed are indicated in the table above. This is intended as a guide only. The animal will generally take as much as it needs at the time.

Storage:  Sealed container should be stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep lid sealed when not in use and for best results, use within one month of opening.

Convenient sizing:  Di-Vetelact comes in 5 different sizes so you can pick the size that's likely to provide the right amount for your needs. (Maximum 1 month from opening)

SIZES:  27g sachet;  375g;   900g;  5kg;  10kg;  20kg 

Handy Reckoner: Use the following to work out which size can you need.
1 scoop = 9g
375g can = approx 40 scoops which makes up a total of 2.4 Litres using Dilution A
900g can = approx 100 scoops which makes up a total of 6 Litres using Dilution A

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Beverley Brown (Carnegie, AU)

Always easy to order online prompt delivery. Five stars from me.

Elaine Bladon (Humpty Doo, AU)
Still the tried and true

Reliable product over many years with a fresh new look.

Pam Stutz (Chesapeake, US)

Perfect for my needs as a foster care for many types of orphaned animals.

fantastic for old dogs!

fantastic product, my nearly 18 year old miniature pinscher dog nearly stopped eating and this product got him back on track - he has it every day in his biscuits now and is doing fantastic!! I wish i knew about it sooner..

Lynda Boehm
I dont have a headline I just wanted to have my say !!

I have raised over 400 Eastern Grays and Swampy Wallabys over 30 years . I have NEVER used any other milk . I have only EVER had very happy healthy babies. The babies love the taste of the new New taste formula just as much as the original formula. I have never had a baby no matter how small (95grms I have raised on Di Vat )they do extra good on it . I have had little one refuse other brands of milk powder once they have been started on Di Vat . I am a supper happy Di Vat user and will never change to any other product as Di Vat is a milk that will take babies all the way to release and I have done it many times I'm sure there Will be many more babies raised in my home that WILL be happerly and healtherly on Di Vat .