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EzyDog Cujo Shock Absorbing Leash

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Stephturk (Canberra, AU)
Better than any other lesd

I love my new lesd, it’s easy to hold, no pinching of my hand and when my dog pulls it has some give so I don’t feel like my shoulder is being pulled out. I now just have to practice getting my dog to walk alongside without pulling. It has however helped a lot so far


terrific length as no longer have to wrap lead around hand which got painfully tight with the pulling. Also love the spongey handle. Doesn't stop the pulling but makes it easier on elbow and shoulder

Lady P.
Hands free of blisters at last!

I purchased the lead because I was sick of sore hands from being dragged along by my over excitable Labrador. Whilst obedience training is an obvious long term solution, in the short term this has saved my palms from being rubbed raw! I feel safe walking her on it, although you wouldn't want to let the handle go - the bungee material stretches so far, it would give your dog a very nasty slap in the back of the head. Passers by seem very amused by the look of the product - I guess it looks like I'm waterskiing behind my dog. For getting down to the park and home again it's great!

Pet P.
This Cujo Leash was the same again!

I this product is used by a Service Dog and is the best leash for that use.


This is a fantastic lead for the dogs that pull or want to be the leader in the pack. There is no pressure of the lead and you can easily get the dog back in line should it stray too far ahead. The handle is ideal to work with as well and gentle on the hand.