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Feliway Diffuser Kit for Cats

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
CHRIS D. (Brisbane, AU)
Feliway Diffuser not worth the money

I was really hoping this would stop my cat peeing in the kitchen after we moved house. It only lasted 3 weeks and made no difference at all.

Margaret M. (Sydney, AU)

All of our Building is having the Concrete Cancer & New Balconies done & it has all been noisy & scary for My Beautiful Little Girl Tessie. I have Plugged in The Feliway & will put in an extra One when they start on the Balconies which will be 31/5/21 as so far this has helped to calm Her down. I don't normally do this as I like Her to have fun but I know that She is really going to miss being able to go out onto The Balcony as She loves sitting in the Sun & The Balconies are all going to be Locked from The Outside. When they first started She was So Scared but with the Feliway She has been a lot Calmer & the Good News (if any of this is Good News) is that they have changed the way they were going & now that Tessie is getting used to it there won't be a big break between The Concrete Cancer & The Balconies but I will Plug One Extra One in for Her just to be on the Safe Side. I would recommend Feliway to anyone if there is Major Work & Noise going on.

Alexandra B.M. (Adelaide, AU)
Helped my cats

It took about a week but my very stressy cat sugar is pulling less hair and generally seems happier. I also foster rescue cats and I have seen a marked improvement in their stress levrls

CC t.C.S.C.L.
Great Result

I bought the Feliway diffuser as my 6 month old kitten was spraying near the litter trays. It's only been two weeks, but so far NO MORE SPRAYING! I plugged the diffuser in in the hall near the litter trays and both of my cats are using the toilet properly.

Had my doubts but seems to work!

I was skeptical at first, our two cats had been fighting a lot (one starting on the other one) and they have been together for 6 years so it didn't seem right. I'd read the reviews and thought why not give it a go. They seem to be fine, they still have the odd scrap but I think that is normal, not as bad as they were, I am going to order a refill today :-)