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Frontline Plus for Cats

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Leanne M. (Hobart, AU)
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Only thing works for 🐰 fleas on 🐈

Great Product

I had to look for another spot on for cats. One of my Rag dolls had a reaction to a product we had been using for a few years, he seems very sensitive. I found that Frontline Plus was very gentle, both my boys were better with this product no tummy upsets of hair loss. I will buy this again.


I am usually very happy with Frontline products for both my cats and dog, but due to a ground flea infestation, it has not protected them this time despite repeated applications. I have treated the ground fleas and look forward to Frontline's effectiveness in future.

Happy C.L.
I would buy this product again and again

Very happy with the product and the speed that it arrived

Feral C.
Bengal is now getting his pants back

We have always used REVOLUTION on our cats but for the last 6 months it seems to have no effect on the fleas at all. The cats are indoor. One cat is a Bengal and he is allergic to flea bites, and loses all the hair around his hind quarters as a result. So whilst he does not seem to have fleas, they are apparently biting him. We now have tried Frontline on him, and after 2 weeks it seems as though the hair is starting to grow back. My only complaint is that the applicator is not easy to use, and the design is quite poor.