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Kitter Litter Tray with Scoop

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This system allows the litter to be regularly “turned over” with fresh litter always being added to the top.

The tray is made up of two parts, - a solid based bottom tray, and a top sieve tray, that allows the soiled litter to be shaken through and caught by the solid based tray.

It will extend the period of use for each kilogram of litter, as a lesser amount of wet litter will be removed and replaced at each litter change.

Odour from the litter box is further reduced because the soiled litter is separated from the fresh litter every day

Removes the need to do complete daily litter box changes. 

Any fine litter particles will drop down into the base tray, so there is no tracking of dusty litter out of the tray onto your floors.

The litter tray will retain its fresh, just changed look, for longer. 

Made from durable plastic, with a smooth surface finish, for easy cleaning

Plastic easy care litter tray including sieve tray, base and matching scoop. 5 colours to choose from.

COLOURS: Beige or Charcoal

DIMENSIONS: Each tray is approximately 345 mm wide x 440 mm high x 125 mm deep

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Best purchase ever! I use the catmate litter and it works well to sieve the litter when they turn to sawdust. I don’t have to frequently change the litter as much anymore. Worth the price too.

Grazyna Witkowska (Warsaw, PL)
My favourite cat try!

This is my favourite type of tray. I use is a little differently. I use paper or wood kitty litter in this. A minimum kitty litter just to get my cats to have something the move around as they shuffle their paws . They don't get their feet wet . I scoop and get rid of the few bits that got wet and rinse/ wash the bottom tray. Occasionally I soak the trays in bicarb to get rid of the ingrained smell. Works like a charm - no smell in the house. (I tried to use no kitty litter in these trays - it worked but cats were less happy so now I do this little extra for them and put a small handful of kitty litter in the top tray.

Susie Miller (Brisbane, AU)
Litter tray with sieve

Fit for purpose. Excellent for wood pellets. No waste with the sieve tray. Highly recommended. Would love if the tray was maybe 10cm longer due to the larger breeds of cats - which we have.


Not received

Chris Hudson (Sydney, AU)
Excellent tray for wood litter

The top sieve tray is excellent, easy to shake and we love it