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Krutex Shoulder Length Examination Gloves

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Gerard L. (North Lakes, AU)
Vet Gloves

They work for me and were sent overnight which was great

Jim t.R.
Just buy the green ones.

Due to a mixup at VetnPet Direct, I was first sent the green gloves, then the 'puncture proof' orange gloves I ordered. At a guess - the reason they colour these differently is because if they were both green you would have no idea which is which. If there is any actual difference in puncture tolerance or thickness between the two, it's literally measured in microns. Really not worth an extra 10 bucks. Neither glove will hold up to picking up live rock, handling urchins, or anything much else for marine aquarium use, though they will prevent coral and anemone nematocysts, bristle/fire worms, and other nasties from firing on contact, which is good enough to be worthwhile. And of course they seem to prevent any skin oils and other contaminants from from getting in the water just fine. I seriously would not count on them standing up to anything with a piercing or biting action though. If you combine these with some cheap washing up gloves (eg latex powder free gloves) for rough/sharp surface handling, and some rubber bands to stop the washing up gloves filling with water, you have something close enough to proper 'reef tank' gloves ($20-30 per pair) a lot cheaper.

Bung P.
For covering cast when showering

Exam gloves were recommended to me for covering my dressing (then cast) following hand surgery. I have some use of my fingers so these are much better than using a plastic bag, also much less prone to leakage. I bought a purpose made cast cover, but my hand is still too painful to force it through the water seal gasket. Use an elastic band around the top of the glove above the cast then fold over, cutting off excess if needed. If worried about leaking under the elastic band, wrap a compression bandage or other fabric around the arm, under the glove close to where the elastic will be to absorb any moisture before it can contact the cast. Too easy!

Krutex Shoulder Length Examination Gloves

Have not used it yet but is recommended highly by other breeders. Prompt delivery in remote areas!

Krutex Shoulder Length Examination Gloves

Good gloves for aquarium! I'd recommend you to market them in the "fish" section as well, there are no aquarium gloves on Au market. I dont have to endure coral and fish bites anymore!