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Minrosa Salt Roll with Rope

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Minrosa Salt Rolls are a supplement to animal nutrition and have been proven to lessen ailments, increase feed efficiency, increase animal productivity and promote better general animal health.

As a natural preventative supplement, Minrosa Salt Rolls are an excellent source of vital minerals and trace elements. They are extremely beneficial in keeping livestock healthy and productive.

Minrosa Salt Rolls are a completely natural product. They are the world's cleanest source of raw, pure natural salt. This ancient and unique product of nature was formed over 250 million years ago and is found in the Himalayan Mountain region. It contains micro minerals and trace elements in a crystalline form, that can be easier to digest, absorb and metabolize.

Sea minerals have proven to be beneficial to animals when they need it. Sea minerals in this block form can be left with the animals all year round and will tolerate wet conditions.

Animals can self administer this unique product. If animals need it, they lick it, they cannot gorge it.

Minrosa Salt Rolls contain natural electrolytes for balance and encourage water intake. They are chemical free and contain no sweeteners.

Minrosa Salt Rolls are weather tolerant and won't fall apart in rain.

Easy to hang, easy to handle Minrosa Salt Rolls are the world's cleanest source of raw, pure natural salt.

SIZES: 1.3kg; 3.2kg

Also available as Small Pet Block and Salt Block with Hole. See separate listings.

Customer Reviews

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Elly Radcliffe (Sydney, AU)

Great for hot days to replace minerals sweated out during the hot summer days.

Most horses love it.

Each horse has their own tied near their feedbin to lick at their leisure. Some last a very long time while 2 are licked to nothing within weeks. I have never had to replace ties, even on the ones that are 1 year old.

Minrosa Salt Roll with Rope

They last for ages, the horses just love them especially after they have been fed hard feed. Had to replace the rope with twine. This is the only salt product that I purchase for my horses.

Sari Hampton
Minrosa Salt Roll with Rope

Great product. the horses love it and it lasts for a long time. Rope attachment makes it easy to hang off a timber fence post. I had to replace the rope with bailing twine after a while.