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Nature's Miracle Litter Box Odour Destroyer 709mL

Finally, an odor destroyer designed to eliminate the toughest cat odors in and around the litter box.

Nature's Miracle Litter Box Odor Destroyer is a specially formulated enzyme solution that will completely eliminate odors, even old, deep-set odors. Truly a real "nature's miracle", this incredible product neutralizes odors without adding a smelly perfumed cover-up scent. Litter Box Odor Destroyer is the only product proven to effectively remove stubborn cat odors.

The unscented formula of Litter Box Odor Destroyer instantly breaks down odor, doesn't just mask it and works on all litter, airborne, fabric and hard surface odors.

The breakthrough formula reacts with tough embedded litter box odors destroying them on contact. Litter Box Odor Destroyer is safe for use on all litter substrates and on multiple surfaces. Other pet odor eliminators simply mask the unpleasant odors from a single source, while Nature's Miracle breakthrough formula reacts with unpleasant pet odors destroying them on contact, on every surface.


Litter Box: Liberally spray into the litter box after cat use.

Airborne Odors: Liberally spray into the air.

Fabric Odors: Spray lightly and evenly onto fabric surfaces until slightly damp. Before use, test surface to be treated for color fastness by applying to a hidden area. Not recommended for use on silk or leather.

Hard Surface Odors: Lightly spray on object until slightly damp. Wipe excess with cloth.

Water, Nature's Enzymes, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.

SIZE: 709mL

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W.T. (Perth, AU)
Great product.

This is the best bird cage cleaner I have ever used.