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Neutrolene Plus with Added Buffer Salts

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Neutroline Plus with Added Buffer Salts is a body acid neutraliser and alkali reserve replacer.

Active Constituents (PER L):
Sodium citrate dihydrate 280g;
Citric acid 93.4g;
Trometamol 11.4g

Features of
Neutroline Plus:

* Specifically formulated for elite equestrian horses.

* Rapidly metabolised and absorbed.

* Neutralises excess lactic acid in blood and muscle.

Aids in the management of dehydration, acidosis and myopathy/'tying up'.

* Balances blood pH for optimum performance.

Benefits of
Neutroline Plus:

* Rapid utilisation and acid neutralisation improves recovery rate following strenuous exercise.

* Restores depleted reserves of the most common bodily alkali, sodium.

* Supplies adequate body alkalines to neutralise acid build-up.

* May be dosed immediately following hard work.

* Able to be used in conjunction with standard daily electrolyte supplementation of Ranvet Salkavite.

Administer orally over the tongue or place liquid on dry feed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ideally, daily broad spectrum electrolyte supplementation should be practiced via the addition of Ranvet Salkavite to the ration. Additionally, horses coming into work produce greater amounts of lactic acid for a given workload and as fitness increases, the ability to buffer and cope with acid improves considerably.

*Neutrolene Plus; Identical to the formulation of NEUTROLENE, with added acid absorbing buffer salts (Trometamol, or Tris Buffer) used as an aid to manage heavily sweating horses with high body salt loss and as an aid to manage acidosis, dehydration and myopathy (Tying Up)


Routine use 45mL twice daily; Post-race 30mL additional to daily administration; As management in cases of metabolic disturbance 65mL twice daily.


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