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Permetrol Insecticidal Spray Concentrate for Dogs & Horses

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
kathleen (Melbourne, AU)
soemwhat effective

This is as effective against flies, as any other product I've used, that doesn't require constantly reapplying.

We have found it VERY effective against bush ticks when we spray all of the herd's legs.

Amanda (Adelaide, AU)
Great product

This worked fantastic, my mare had an injury so I needed something to repell flys for more than a few hours, this did the trick for a few days.

Geoff D. (Central Coast, AU)
Seems good Value

Seems to work really quite well and the dog has very little reaction to it. Thank you

Case J. (Brisbane, AU)

Have used just about every fly and insect spray ever invented, Permetrol ranks in my opinion as one of the WORST. Simply not strong enough when mixed as per the directions, Soaked one of my horses legs almost to the skin while shoeing him, 10 minutes later the flies were back. Won't be buying it again

Chunky D.
Hard to treat horse

My horse is frightened of spray bottles and pour-ons (no idea why and hasn't responded to attempts to re-educate him). So I used this as a shampoo, after having already shampooed him several times with fruit smelling shampoos. He was happy with the other shampoos and I used a a fruit juice bottle to mix this in. Then I was able to pour it on in small patches and work it in. Combo of familiar with shampoos + apple smell + not bad smell of Permetrol = success!!