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Pestene Insect Powder 500g

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Pestene powder is effective against lice, mites and fleas in poultry, dogs, cats, horses, calves and goats.

Composition: Sulfur 50 g/kg, rotenone 10 g/kg.

Administration: Apply weekly to animals, bedding and environment. Sprinkle liberally through coat or feathers and work into skin.

Withholding Periods:
Calves and Goats - Meat: Do not use less than 1 day before slaughter for human consumption.
Horses - Meat Withholding Period: Do not use less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.
Goats - Milk: Do not use on lactating does where milk or milk products may be used for human consumption.
Eggs: Nil.
TRADE ADVICE: EXPORT SLAUGHTER INTERVAL (ESI): This product does not have an ESI established.

Pack size: 500g powder.

*Please Note: We are unable to ship this product to Canada or New Zealand. 

Customer Reviews

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Not recommended for cats or dogs

I wouldn't recommend this product for cats or dogs. Try a more natural and non-toxic product like diatomaceous earth.

Jim boyland
Poultry Lice Powder

I have tried many other brands and always come back to this brand it is simply the best.

A Must Have for Poultry care

Use regularly to prevent mites and bugs affecting poultry. Keeping coop clean is first priority. We have free range birds and they can pick up bugs, ticks, mites so this product is a valuable backup to garlic mash etc. We dust coop bedding straw when birds go out in morning and have had no adverse effects in 8 years and no long term mites. We haven't used it when there are baby chicks so suggest withholding at that time.

Expensive but effective

I use this product because it is very effective at getting rid of the lice when I notice my girls are starting to dust bath a lot more than usual. Even when I use a mask it still affects my breathing and I feel short of breath after using it. I also believe it is a fairly expensive product for the amount you get, so I try and use it sparingly to make it last longer. I would recommend this to others but only if they can't find a cheaper alternative.

Hen Lover
No More Red Lice!

Easy to use with hens. Just apply powder as directed and watch the lice disappear. BUT remember to dust their coop/nest and do it again in seven days.