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PlaqueOff For Dogs 40g

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Troy PlaqueOff for Dogs is for the maintenance of oral hygiene, preventing tartar, gingivitis and bad breath. Use in conjunction with brushing.

PlaqueOff for Dogs aids in the softening and removal of existing tartar build up and prevents new tartar from forming, thus reducing gum disease and bad breath.

Composition: Ascophyllum nodosum, Brewer's yeast

Animals with Hypothyroidism should not be given PlaqueOff. PlaqueOff has not been tested on pregnant or nursing animals. Use should be avoided during these times.

Reactions such as itching may occur in animals with algae hypersensitivity or allergies. Certain individual animals may react with an upset stomach. If this occurs,  reduce the amount given and gradually increase the dose. If you know your pet has a sensitive stomach start at a lower dose and increase gradually.

Directions for Use:
Sprinkle PlaqueOff for Dogs onto your pets food once daily. PlaqueOff may be added to either wet or dry food.

up to 10kg = _ - 1 scoop
10 – 25kg = 1 – 2 scoops
Over 25kg = 2 – 3 scoops
1 scoop equals 0.33 grams.

SIZE: 40g

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wendy (Melbourne, AU)
Clean teeth.

i have been using Plaque Off for a number of years now. My vet recommended I use it on our poodle and after she died I decided to use it on our new dog as I was so happy with the way it had kept the poodles teeth. I am equally pleased with how it is keeping this one's teeth.

Brenda Beattie (Brisbane, AU)
Plaque Off - Brilliant Product

I bought this product for my 16 year old Corgi/Pomeranian cross, Bentley. This product has cleaned his breath, and made his life so much better as his gums had been infected. I can clean his teeth by hand and they do look better. Very thankful for this product. Bentley is happy and so am I!

Elizabeth (Gladesville, AU)
Clean Teeth

I have 2 cattle dogs and a greyhound. Cleaning teeth is a bit of a nightmare. PlaqueOff and a quality dental chew do a great job of keeping their teeth in good condition. Your price is attractive too!

Rosie NSW
Fresh breath, clean teeth

My Maltese x bishon has had a lot of trouble with her teeth and breath. This product was recommended to me by my Vet, and It has certainly helped to slow down both the tartar and the breath problem. Vet-n-pet sell this product at a very good price!