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Passwell Cosy Heat Pad

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Useful for:
  • Artificial pouches for old, sick and orphaned animals
  • Veterinarians: use on operating tables and in recovery rooms
  • Reptiles: Place at one end of vivarium or enclosure so reptile can move on or off the heated area. Cover with layer of sand or flat rock
  • Birds & Animals: Boxes and hospital cages. Place pad underneath or inside box or cage
  • Dog & Cat Beds: Place underneath bedding and provide protection from chewing
Easy to Use
This heater produces a temperature on the pad surface of about 20°C above room temperature 

When room temperature is less than 10°C.
Animals should be as close as practicable to the pad surface.

When room temperature exceeds 10°C.
Animals should be insulated from the pad surface by inserting layers of woollen fabric between them and the pad. The thickness of insulation required will depend on the room temperature and should be adjusted so that the animal appears comfortable.

Measure the temperature where the animal rests with a thermometer. It should be between 25°C and 35°C, depending on the age and type of animal. 

Seek professional advice if unsure of your animal's needs. 

Young animals can rapidly suffer heat stress if the temperature is too high. 

Heat Pad Measurements: 260mm x 360mm. Soft PVC Cover.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Gail Baird (Melbourne, AU)
Passé well Cosy Heat Pad

Sandy, our cat absolutely loves his heat pad. He has stopped crying every time we went out the door and simply hops into bed and is very content.

Zoe (Brisbane, AU)

Best heat pad I have owned in awhile, I also love the cut off switch that it has,

It arrived fast will definitely be buying another one

SD (Sydney, AU)
Happy with product and service

All good. Arrived quickly and works well. The sickly cat loves it.

Stephanie (Melbourne, AU)
Very cosy

I live in a cold area and have elderly short-haired cats, so the warmth this provides has been very welcome. More expensive than the cheap ones you can get from eBay but also much more durable, safer and made for Australian mains. Would buy again.

Donna Woods (Brisbane, AU)
Works great so far

Perfect temp for a special needs puppy my vet nurse daughter is trying to save. He loves it ! So happy I purchased it before these cool days. We are very happy with it so far.