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Horse Shoof Boot

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"Shoof " is a shoe-for-a-hoof. This product is used both to protect a hoof from injury, and to assist in the recovery of a hoof after treatment. Horse Shoof is a low-cost, highly reliable treatment for a wide range of hoof problems, including: seedy toe, stone bruising, excessive wear, splits, cracks, footrot, penetration, abscesses etc. The open design of the Shoof allows the hoof to "breathe", which is essential for fast recovery.

Horse Shoof is supplied as a kit including copper-sulphate (bluestone) medication and a special bandage. These items have been especially developed to ensure successful treatment, even under extremely unfavourable conditions. (eg wet, and dirty paddocks or yards.)

Horse Shoof can be re-used many times with our Shoof Refill-Kit components.

Size 1: Hoof width up to 110mm (4 1/4") or pony to 12 hands
Size 2: Hoof width up to 130mm (5 1/8") or suit 12 - 14 hands
Size 3: Hoof width up to 145mm (5 3/4") or suit 15 - 16 hands
Size 4: Hoof width up to to 160mm (6 1/4") or suit horses over 16 hands

Supplied as a single boot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Suzanne Redmond (Melbourne, AU)

More or less did the job. It needs a better way to fasten. Comes un-done too easily. Gave it up pretty quickly in favour of just using co-flex bandaging and changing it more often.

Megan (Sydney, AU)
Product seemed good but won’t stay on.

Wouldn’t recommend. Didn’t last 4 hours on my gelding before it came loose and fell off. He was in a yard so movement restricted and still no good.
Size chart was accurate and the boot fitted well but didn’t stay on - don’t waste time or $$!

Peter J
Horse Shoof Boot

I have used a size 4 Shoof on a horse with a bad hoof abscess. A large V was cut into the front of the hoof to provide drainage. The Shoof provided enough space for the poultice and dressings that could not be accommodated with the silicone rubber hoof protectors. The Shoof is easy to put on but it is not so easy to secure. The directions state that it can be secured by firmly pulling on both ends of the strap, however frictional forces make this very difficult. The trick is to take up as much of the play on the incoming sides of the loops around the locking clip before the final tightening. It is a good idea when tightening to push down on the locking clip so that the loop stays around the clip. It also helps if the strap is dry. The extra strap is lightly secured around the front of the pastern. It is very easy to remove. Just undo the strap and raise the locking clip. PROS. Provides great protection for the hoof dressings. Remains secure on the hoof. CONS. Tightening of the strap is not straightforward. The retaining loops of the locking clip are prone to breaking.(They are only there so they don't get lost. Easily replaced with some fishing line or strong cotton thread). Intermediate sizes would be handy as when the dressings became smaller, the size 4 was a bit sloppy but the size 3 was too small.