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Simparica for Puppies/Small Dogs 1.3 to 2.5kg - 3 pack

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Simparica is a flea, tick, mange and mite monthly chew that works fast and lasts. Simple! 


* Simparica kills fleas fast before they lay eggs. Keeps dogs & homes flea free.

* Simparica kills ticks fast reducing the chance of illness or paralysis.

* Simparica cleans up mites reducing skin irritation and infection.

* Simparica gives proven protection from reinfestation. Kills fast all month long.

* Simparica is easy to remember. 1 chew, once a month.

* Simparica gives proven protection for 35 days. So if you're a few days late you're still covered.

* Simparica is safe for your puppy. Can be given from 8 weeks and 1.3kg.

* Simparica is a tasty chew that's easy to give, with or without food.

3 pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daz (Chatswood, AU)
Dogs seem happy with the taste

Unlike other tick products I've tried, the dogs seem to like the taste of Simparica and I don't have to hide it in other food; certainly I've not had issues with ticks, fleas, mange or mites, so I'm happy with the product. It's definitely easy to use.

Shenoa (Brisbane, AU)

Love this brand Simparica , my two small dogs take it without hesitation, so no have to bribe them or coerce them into taking Ng them , we have never had fleas or ticks using this product .
One dog is 1 and the other dog is 2 and Simparica works a treat

Fiona Brown (Cedar Grove, AU)
Easy to use and dogs love it

I've been using Simparica on my three dogs for over a year. They love it and I love no ticks or fleas.