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SureFeed Rear Cover for Microchip Pet Feeder

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Very helpful

Allie M. (Melbourne, AU)
No more food stealing!

Works perfectly to stop everyone eating each other’s specialty food, especially for the ones who actually let the other cats steal their food ! Easily attaches onto the feeder base and arch. Well worth it if you are trying to keep your other cats or dog from stealing food from the back. Also works to protect the lid and mechanism from damage.

Kate (Adelaide, AU)
Works perfectly

Stops our food motivated cat from eating from the back of the feeder while it's open! Easy to attach and looks sleek.

Deborah O. (Sydney, AU)
Happy with purchase

This product is a a good addition to the feeder & it does stop other cats from stealing the food.
Ideally, the next model will have this included in purchase price & perhaps some little feet of some kind so it can be stood in a tray of water to help avoid ants getting in, in the summer....

Kim D. (Sydney, AU)
Sure Feed Micro Chip Pet Feeder

This feeder is good but doesn't completely stop one my very greedy cat from pushing in and stealing my other other cats food. She still manages to do it as he remains close enough for the screen to stay open which is a bit frustrating. It does help a bit though. Ordering and delivery always easy and prompt with vetnpetdirect