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Trouble & Trix No More Stain + Odour Pro Strength 750mL

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Trouble & Trix No More Stains+Odours combines the very best in cleaning technologies to create effective, pet safe formulas. The enzyme and oxygen based formula deeply penetrates to eliminate tough pet stains and odours, including urine, faeces and vomit. The dual action formula destroys odours on contact, removes pheromones which prevents resoiling. 

The fast drying formula eliminates tracking and is extremely effective and works on old and deep stains and odours. No More Stains+Odours is suitable for use on carpets, upholstery, linens, clothing and pet bedding.


Before using, test surface to be treated for colour fastness by applying to a hidden area. Wait 5 minutes then wipe with a cloth. If colour is removed from the test area, do not use No More Stains+Odours on those surfaces. Always use at full strength.


Wipe up as much of the stain as possible, thoroughly soak the stain with No More Stains+Odours. Wait 5 minutes, then wipe away stain with a cloth. While treated area dries keep pets away from the area. NOTE: For tough stains, use a bristle brush. If stain is not completely removed, re-soak area and allow No More Stains+Odours to work for 1 hour, wipe away stain with a cloth.


Wipe up excess odour causing material, thoroughly soak area with No More Stains+Odours. Wait 5 minutes, then blot dry with a cloth. Allow to dry completely before expecting complete odour elimination. While the treated area dries keep pets away from the area. NOTE: For tough odours in carpets, such as urine, apply sufficient volume of liquid to reach all odour causing material. Wait 1 hour, then blot dry. Allow treated area to air dry completely before odour elimination.


Saturate stain and odours with No More Stains+Odours at full strength before washing as normal.

SIZE: 750mL

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I would definately recommend this product.

Very good product, quickly removes stains even ones that haven't been found for awhile.