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Vetafarm Macaw Nuts

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Completely balanced extruded pellet diet specifically designed to meet the particular dietary needs of South American Parrots.
Key features: Includes specific amino acids and proteins required by South American Parrots. Completely balanced extrusion cooked diet. Contains fresh nuts to appeal to exotic parrots and replicate their natural diet. Contains all necessary nutrition required for general year round maintenance and increased fatty acids, protein, vitamins and calcium to support egg production, young bird growth and general breeding success.
Recommended for: Macaw Nuts recommended for larger Parrots such as Macaws. Macaw Nuts can be used for any pet or breeding South American Bird.
Also suitable for: Australian and Asiatic Parrots
Can use with: Macaw Nuts are complete diets; no additional dietary supplementation is necessary. Fruits and Vegetables can be given as behavioural enrichment.
Pellet Size: Macaw Nuts - 20mm Pellet
Ingredients: Select Australian whole grains including: Rice, Wheat, Soybean, peanuts, vegetable oils, vitamins and minerals.
Feeding: Macaw Nuts should be fed as a total diet - fruits and vegetables may be given as behavioural enrichment for the birds. However other supplements are not required.
Macaw Nuts may also be used as a balanced supplement for birds on a grain diet. By adding the pellets to the soft feed or soaked seeds, the pellets form a balanced supplement that greatly improves any seed based diet.
General Analysis:
Crude Protein 17%
Crude Fat 7.5%
Crude Fibre 4%
Max Salt 0.5%

Customer Reviews

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Vetafarm Macaw Nuts

My 2 blue&gold macaws are VERY vfussy but have taken to the Macaw nuts really well. I shall be using them always.

Vetafarm Macaw Nuts

A great product at a reasonable price for anyone that owns a Macaw. They love being able to pick up the nuts as opposed to small pellets and they have all the nutrients that you need for a healthy bird.