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Vetafarm Poly-Aid Plus First Aid Supplement

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*Highly Recommended for Bird Owners and Bird Rescuers*

This product is a valuable addition to any bird rescuer's first aid kit. It has a shelf life of three years from date of manufacture. Yes, it is expensive but Vet and Pet sell it at a very good price: $21.95 compared to the $30 I was charged at Petstock for 80g. I have used it to supplement feed a very young galah I rescued in an advanced state of emaciation and dehydration and it has given him valuable electrolytes, a boost in carbs and vitamins and probiotics to reintroduce gut flora (which meant no need to feed him yoghurt). This has provided him with energy to regain health almost immediately and has made a significant difference to his recovery. He's gone from a bird on the 'see if he makes it through the first 24 - 48 hours watch list' and completely lacking energy to one I now need to wrap in a towel to feed, he wriggles so much as well as giving him the energy to preen and explore. I mix one level scoop in with his Granivore with warmed boiled water to a thinnish paste and administer this by spoon or syringe four times a day rather than the recommended higher doses in two sittings and I'm doing this until he's well enough to fully self-feed. It's a great product to have on hand for just these emergencies. I began looking for a cheaper alternative to being ripped off by local pet stockists like Petstock and Petbarn years ago and found Vet and Pet Direct superior because I buy specialised products like Wombaroo for native birds regularly. Vet and Pet Direct are such an invaluable alternative to local pet stores with their reasonable pricing (even after you factor in the cost of postage they're much cheaper than the local shops) and reliable delivery. Service/Delivery Comments: *Fast and Reliable*

Poly_Aid Plus

Great products for chooks when in need of extra kicks. A bit pricy though.

Vetafarm Poly-Aid Plus First Aid Supplement

If you are a bird owner and more importantly a bird rescuer, this product "Vetafarm Poly-Aid Plus First Aid Supplement" is vital and may and has saved many a sick parrot.