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Vetafarm Rabbit Origins Food

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Vetafarm Rabbit Origins Food is a complete diet for rabbits.
This dream cuisine for bunnies is a completely balanced extruded pellet diet designed to meet the particular dietary needs of pet and breeding rabbits.
Also suitable for guinea pigs (with supplemented Vitamin C)
Fibre Rich Fescue can be added to the rabbits diet daily to ensure optimum intake of fibre and variation in the diet.

Key features: Completely balanced diet designed by vets. High in fibre and extrusion cooked for optimum digestive and dental health. Promotes long-term health and general vitality. High fibre levels stimulate the digestive system and ensure normal gut function.

SIZES: 350g;  1.5kg;  6kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Elsbeth May Everest (Preston, AU)

Penelope loves these so much and they’re great nutritionally! Sound really crunchy :)

Eija Meins (Canberra, AU)
Bunny loves it

Our dwarf rabbit loves this food. He has some health issues and is a fussy eater but he doesn’t have envy issues with this mix. He literally pushes my hand out of the way when I fill his dish. He has also gained weight which is excellent. I feed a mix of the pellets and fresh fruit and veg veggies. He hates hay and isn’t a fan of the rabbit mixes that have grain in them.

Fussy bunny

Was really looking forward to giving this to my bunny (approx 6 months old) but she will NOT eat it. She may be too used to the pellets from the local pet shop or the celery leaves/ carrots.

Vetafarm Rabbit Origins Food

my rabbits loved this! good value too!