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Vetafarm South American Mix Bird Food

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South American Mix is designed to meet the specific dietary requirements of South American Parrots such as Macaws, Conures and Amazons. The formula's high nut content is fully balanced with good fat levels and suitable antioxidants to meet the nutritional requirements of your valuable birds.

South American Mix should be used as a total diet but may also be used as a balanced addition to seed and fruit diets.

To convert birds to South American Mix, take 50:50 blend of normal seed and pellet - add a small amount of hot water (just enough to make the pellets sticky), form the seed/pellet mix into a "rissole" and place in the bird's food bowl. Allow the bird to pick through the rissole until it gets a taste for the pellet. After several days

Pack size: 350g, 2kg, 10kg

Customer Reviews

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love it!

Loved the product because our nanday conjure loved it at first bite. Wish it was a little bit more affordable.

Very good!

My Conure Kiwi loves them! Before I adopted him, he was on a seed diet. Even though his colors were bright and he was in good nick then, I cannot believe the change in him since then and bringing him home to Vetafarm pellets! He has gotten more colors come through and his feathers are bright and shiny! I cannot even begin to try and explain how good he looks and I didn't realize that he could get even more colors then he had to start with. As a Veterinary Nurse and a experienced person with birds, I see a lot of birds especially sick ones that come into our clinic and most are on seed diets and as a result are under nourished and not getting the nutrients they need. Vetafarm has clearly got the right formula because Kiwi is thriving and is a noisy, energetic, naughty but healthy little Conure. We have lots of great feedback with pellets at the clinic too!

Vetafarm South American Mix

My pr of b&g macaws love this as an additive to their normal diet. I ONLY use Vetafarm products as I find them to be the best

Vetafarm South American Mix

My eclectus parrot loves these pellets, I add a little water to them.

barb sutton
Vetafarm South American Mix

our little quaker jude loves this mix and is thriving on it