Dog Behavioural Modifiers & Aids

Our range of dog behaviour aids will help to improve your dog's behaviour problems. At vet-n-pet DIRECT we have a range of dog training aids, calming tablets and paste, sprays and vests to ensure your dog is comfortable and on their best behaviour!

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How do I know if my dog needs behaviour control?

If your dog is starting to show recurrent disobedient behaviour or their behaviours become a nuisance to you and your family or others such as your neighbours or visitors to your home, it may be time to intervene. While prevention (early training) is better than curing, dog control products, in conjunction with proper training are designed to regain some obedience and well-mannered behaviour from your pooch.

How do I fix my dog’s behaviour problems?

In the first instance we recommend you seek the advice of a Force Free Dog Training Professional or your vet. We carry a range of dog behaviour aids to assist in regaining control over your dog’s deviant behaviours. These dog training devices include bark control collars (which should be considered only after all other avenues have been explored), calming paste and chews for anxious dogs and deterrent sprays for those dogs who love to chew. All of these dog control products and more are available here at vet-n-pet DIRECT.

Why is my dog anxious?

Some common causes for anxiety in dogs include fear of abandonment, unfamiliar people or places, loud noises or other animals. Thankfully a range of dog behaviour aids are available to aid in calming your dog and making them comfortable. These include calming chews and tablets, calm pastes, pressure vests and space vests.