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Dog Toys - Puzzle Toys & Games

Engage your pup's mind and stimulate their senses with our puzzle toys and games collection, designed to provide mental enrichment and entertainment. From treat-dispensing puzzles to interactive games, these toys offer endless fun while promoting cognitive development for your furry friend.


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How to pick the right puzzle toy for your dog

When selecting a puzzle toy for your dog, consider their size, age, and play preferences. Opt for durable materials suitable for your dog's chewing strength, and choose puzzles with adjustable difficulty levels to provide engaging mental stimulation. Read the descriptions on the puzzle toy for advice on the difficulty level to better choose an option for your dog, the Nina Ottosson range rate the toys with a difficulty level from 1 to 5. Additionally, observe your dog's reaction to different types of puzzles to find one that keeps them entertained and challenged without frustration.

What treats are best for puzzle toys?

Ultimately, the best treats for dog puzzle toys are ones that your dog enjoys and finds motivating. Experiment with different options to find the treats that work best for your canine companion and make puzzle-solving sessions both fun and rewarding. Typically, small treats that can easily fit and then be retrieved from the toy are effective. Consider options such as CLEAR Dog Treats Fish Training Bites, KONG Farmyard Friends Treats, or even your dog's dry food kibble. Treats with robust aromas or flavours, like Liver Jerky, can further entice your dog, inspiring them to interact with the toy.