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Ear & Eye Care

Keep your pet's ears and eyes clean, bright and fresh with our range of Ear & Eye Care products specially designed for pets.


Do I need to clean my dog's ears?

Regular ear cleaning is essential for maintaining your dog's ear health. While not all dogs require frequent ear cleaning, those prone to ear infections, with floppy ears, or who swim frequently may benefit from regular cleaning.

What do I use to clean my dog's ears?

For cleaning your dog's ears, you can use a gentle, veterinary-approved ear cleaning solution specifically formulated for dogs, we like PAW Gentle Dog & Cat Ear Cleaner or EpiOtic SIS Ear Cleaner. Avoid using alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or other harsh chemicals, as these can irritate the delicate ear canal. Additionally, you'll need cotton balls or pads to apply the cleaning solution and gently wipe away dirt and debris from the outer ear canal. If you're unsure about how to clean your dog's ears properly, consult your veterinarian for guidance or watch vetnpet resident vet Dr Glenn, clean his dog's ears here on YouTube.

Should a Vet check my dog's ears?

If you notice any of these symptoms, it's essential to have your dog's ears examined by a veterinarian promptly.

  • Persistent scratching or rubbing of the ears.
  • Shaking of the head or tilting it to one side.
  • Foul odour coming from the ears.
  • Discharge or unusual debris in the ears, such as wax or pus.
  • Redness, swelling, or tenderness in or around the ear.
  • Changes in behaviour, such as irritability or reluctance to have the ears touched.
  • Hearing loss or other signs of discomfort.

Ear infections and other ear-related issues can be uncomfortable for your dog and may worsen if left untreated. Your vet can determine the underlying cause of the problem and recommend appropriate treatment to help your dog feel better.

How can I get rid of the brown/red stains around my dog's eyes? 

The brown or red stains around your dog's eyes, often referred to as tear stains, can be caused by excessive tear production, blocked tear ducts, or bacterial overgrowth. Regular cleaning of the eyes and keeping the hair trimmed around the eyes may help.
Some dogs may develop tear stains due to food sensitivities or allergies so a change in diet may help. There are also Tear Stain Supplements available, like Glow Groom Tear Stain Remedy, that may help reduce tear staining by promoting eye health.