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Folactin Blue Mineral Supplement for Horses

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Mineral Supplement Formulated for stabled horses. FOLACTIN provides a supplementary source of essential minerals vitamins and micro-elements that are most likely to be deficient in a stables horse's diet.

Feed FOLACTIN on a daily basis to help overcome mineral imbalances; and to help proper absorption, utilisation and retention of calcium and phosphorus in the horse's system.

Feed FOLACTIN to aid in the maintenance of skeletal mineral reserves and correct blood calcium levels; thus ensuring efficient bone marrow, cellular, tissue and muscular function.

Note; as FOLACTIN contains a Copper salt, care should be taken when administering to horses whose diet is copper sufficient. Mix the powder thoroughly through the feed; or alternatively, mix with a little dampened feed and add to the full feed. A measuring spoon is enclosed. ONE LEVEL measure equals one 30g dose.

Daily dose rates:
2 year olds in training: 90g
Horses on high grain diet: 90g
Horses in work: 60g
Horses being spelled: 30g
Show horses: 30g
Show ponies: 30g
Bran/Pollard based ration: 90g
Rice Pollard based ration: 120g

Active constituents per kg: Calcium 307g, Phosphorus 35.5g, Magnesium 25.5g, Copper 0.86g, Zinc 1.67g, Retinol 500,00 iu, Cholecalciferol 217,500 iu, Folic Acid 420mg, Inositol 79mg, Cobalt 8mg, Iodine 8mg, Fluoride 4mg.

Available in in 5kg tub and a 20kg drum with a measuring scoop.

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Kerrie (Brisbane, AU)
The Best!

I have been using Folactin Blue now for at least 30 years and it is hands down the best vitamin/mineral supplement on the market. My horses always look a picture of health. Highly recommend.