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Dog Dental Water Additives

Keep your pup's smile bright and breath fresh with our range of Dog Dental Water Additives, designed to promote dental health with every sip!

How do dog dental water additives work? 

Dog Dental Water Additives work by containing ingredients such as enzymes, antibacterial agents, and plaque-fighting compounds that are added to your dog's drinking water. When your dog drinks the treated water, these ingredients mix with saliva and coat the teeth and gums, helping to break down plaque, fight bacteria, and freshen breath over time. They provide an easy and convenient way to promote dental health and hygiene for your furry friend.

What other dental products are available for my dog?

There are a wide variety of dental health products available for your dog that can be used in conjunction with dental water additives. Dental treats, like Ziwi Oral Health Care Chews or OraVet, are popular choices for mechanical and chemical cleaning of teeth all while your dog enjoys a tasty treats. Dental health supplements work by promoting healthy gums, reducing plaque and tartar buildup, freshening breath, and supporting overall oral hygiene. There are also chew toys designed to promote dental health through playful chewing. If you want to brush your dogs teeth there are dog safe dental cleaning products available including toothpastes, gels and brushes.