Dog Harnesses - Back Clip

Back Clip Harnesses are designed for comfort and ease, making them a perfect choice for well-behaved dogs that walk calmly on a leash. These harnesses feature a clip on the back for quick attachment, reducing pressure on your dog's neck and offering a smoother walking experience. Ideal for small to medium-sized breeds, back clip harnesses encourage a stress-free walk for both pet and owner.

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Commonly Asked Questions:

Are back clip harnesses suitable for large dogs?

While they're perfect for dogs that don't pull, for larger breeds with a tendency to tug, a front clip or no-pull harness might be a better option to provide more control.

Can back clip harnesses help in training my dog?

Back clip harnesses are more about comfort during walks. For training purposes, especially to mitigate pulling, consider a front clip or no-pull harness.