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Dog Nail & Paw Care

Keep your dog's paws and nails in paw-fect condition with our range of products including balms, protective boots, socks and nail clippers.


What can I use to help protect my dog's paws?

To protect your dog's paws, you can use products like paw wax, balm or moisturisers, like Pet Drs Natural Paw Balm. Paw boots, like Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots, are a great option for dogs that are outside a lot running, walking or hiking on hard or rough surfaces. These products create a barrier against harsh surfaces, hot pavements, cold weather, and environmental irritants. Additionally, keeping your dog's paw hair trimmed and nails properly trimmed can help prevent discomfort and injuries. When walking your dog, avoid hot pavement or abrasive surfaces, and consider using paw booties for added protection during extreme weather conditions.

Why is my dog licking their paws?

Your dog may be licking his paws due to allergies, skin irritation or infection, dry skin, pain or injury, anxiety or stress, boredom, or the presence of parasites like fleas or ticks. Excessive licking can indicate an underlying issue, so it's essential to monitor your dog's behaviour and consult with your veterinarian for a diagnosis, especially if you notice any concerning symptoms such as redness, swelling, or limping. For more advice tune into to our YouTube video, Why does my dog lick their paws?, with veterinarian Dr Glenn.