Hill's Prescription Diet Canine c/d

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For the Nutritional Management of Dogs with Urinary Tract Disease Associated with Struvite. 

Urinary tract disease is associated with the build-up of crystals and stones in the urinary tract that can cause painful and bloody urination and potential blockage in your dog. One type of crystal that forms in a dog’s urinary tract is called struvite. Prescription Diet c/d® is formulated specifically to provide nutritional management of dogs with struvite-related urinary tract disease. Prescription Diet c/d® has reduced levels of magnesium and phosphorus, and also produces an acid urine pH to aid in the management of struvite crystals and stones. The nutritional formulation of Prescription Diet® c/d® may also be useful for pets with a variety of conditions.

To be fed under the direction and supervision of your veterinary surgeon.

Pack size: Dry 3.85kg, 7.98kg. Wet 370g x 12

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1 review


This product does work for struvite crystals in a dog


From Hazelbrook, NSW

Our dog had a blocked urethra twice in 2 months due to struvite crystals before we started on this product (as recommended by the vet). Since he has started eating this dog food strictly, he has not had this happen again. It is expensive, however it is a lower cost to buy the expensive dog food, than an operation to remove bladder stones if he had continued on ordinary dog food