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Beco Sustainable Bamboo Cat Bowl

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The Beco Sustainable Bamboo Cat Bowl is the pur-fect food and water bowl.

Created using sustainable, natural materials such as bamboo, cornstarch and rice husks, it's tough and versatile and will last a lifetime.

The natural strength of bamboo makes it as durable as plastic alternatives.

Designed with rubber feet to stop it from sliding and a rim to prevent whiskers from getting caught, it's the perfect way to maximise your cats' enjoyment during dinnertime. 

Natural food dyes are used to create bright colour options.


  • Made from Natural Materials - Made from sustainable natural materials such as Bamboo fibres which are blended with rice husks, a by-product of rice farming, to create this food and water bowl.
  • Designed for Cats - Cats like it natural so no lacquers or plastics are used on this bowl. The low edge means whiskers don’t get crushed.
  • Anti-Skid - Designed with rubber feet to stop it from sliding.
  • Easy Clean - Keeping dinner time as tidy as possible, this bowl is dishwasher friendly and wipes clean easily.

    Bamboo Powder, PLA resin (plant-based material), Cornstarch, Bran Coat/Rice Husks.

Product Care:
  Wash regularly in warm soapy water.
  Dishwasher friendly - top shelf, low temperature.

  Outer Diameter: 17cm
.  Capacity - 0.25L

COLOURS:  Pink; Blue; Natural

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