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Blackdog Chicken Breast Fillet 1kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I love love love this product

My German Shepherd loves these! I do like to break them in half as she can sometimes try to swallow them before chewing them properly. She absolutely loves them and so do her doggy friends that come to our place. Great training treat.

Dog l.
Imported Unfortunately

My dogs love this product, but I would not feed it often, i do prefer to buy australian natural chicken jerky that has not bee irradiated. There is a big selection of 100% chicken jerky made in Australia, its more expensive of course but if you feed treats a lot it is a healthier alternative. I was given a packet of this by a friend and no doubt the dogs begged for more!

Great Product

I am very happy to have found this product. Now I can feel safe to give our German Shepherd a healthy and natural treat every day that is free of artificial ingredients.

The C.l.
Love this product

Unfortunately my Cavvie loves them too much. She actually goes to the conatiner that I store them in and taps on it then comes to me and taps me on the leg. Gone now are her favourite chicken necks. How much is too much????

Awesome product!

Best treat ever! Easy to break into smaller portions if necessary. Given in large pieces also good to chew on for a bit to keep dog busy for a while. Healthy low fat treat. Smells so yummy that I nearly would like to eat it myself. Free of any additives. Low price, compared to other healthy treats. Just perfect!