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Dynavyte Poultry MBS Microbiome Support

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Dynamite Microbiome Support is a naturally brewed and fermented probiotic that is the flagship of the Dynavyte range. It contains Bacillus subtilis, one of the most studied probiotics in the scientific world.

Bacillus subtilis supports good bacteria within the intestines promoting a healthier gastrointestinal tract. The Bacillus subtilis natto can form a spore when conditions are unsuitable and therefore survive where other probiotics die.

Microbiome Support has many advantages over other probiotics, including a prebiotic (food source for the probiotic), making it a new category of combinations called a synbiotic.

Suitable for all birds.
Shake well before use. Mix into food or water.
Cage Birds (budgies, canaries, etc) 1/4 mL per day per bird
Small Birds (quail, pigeons, squab etc) 1/4 mL per day per bird
Medium Birds (chickens, ducks etc) 1/2 mL per day per bird
Large Birds ( turkeys, geese, eagles etc) 1-2 mL per day per bird
Team Dynavyte’s advice for compromised animals is to use a large stress dose once daily.
Cage Birds (budgies, canaries, etc) 1-2 mL per day per bird
Small Birds (quail, pigeons, squab etc) 3-5 mL per day per bird
Medium Birds (chickens, ducks etc) 5-10 mL per day per bird
Large Birds ( turkeys, geese, eagles etc) 10-15 mL per day per bird

Withholding period: NIL

Volume: 1L; 5L; 10L

Why choose Dynavyte MBS for your poultry?

The main reason to choose Dynavyte MBS is for a healthy gut, but there are other benefits.
 Ration inclusion of Bacillus subtilis (Natto)has been shown to reduce aggressive behaviour in laying hens.
Dynavyte MBS has a nil withholding period for meat and eggs in poultry.
The use of antibiotics can be detrimental to human and animal health through residues and pathogenic microbial resistance.
Globally these are the primary reasons for the restricted uses and bans on antibiotics in food producing animals.
The Bacillus subtilis (Natto) in Dynavyte MBS forms spores when conditions are not right. These spores are resistant to high temperature (wet and dry), ultraviolet (uv) and gamma radiation, oxidising and other chemicals, and acidic environments like the stomach. Resistance to the stomach acid allows viable Bacillus subtilis (Natto) to enter the small intestine in significant quantities where it is also resistant to bile salts.

The stability of the spores at high temperatures and the ability to survive the stomach acid confer a substantial advantage over other probiotic microbes. This is essential for the benefits of B. natto metabolism producing enzymes and other substances that have various effects around the body.

Dynavyte MBS has been shown in a small pilot study of 50 layers (unpublished) to produce eggs of heavier weight (between 50 and 100g per dozen), increased shell weight, increased albumen weight and darker coloured yolks compared with the 50 chickens not given Dynavyte MBS. The farmer also observed that the hens were in better health and that there were less misshapen eggs collected (personal communication).

How does Dynavyte MBS work, is there science behind it?

The ingredients of Dynavyte MBS may have a synergistic effect that cannot be explained. The combination of Bacillus subtilis (Natto), humates and Ascophyllum nodosum (brown kelp) have been studied individually for years with many benefits observed.

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