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EcoPellets Tasmania Cat Litter 10kg

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EcoPellets Cat Litter is made from new pine sawdust from internationally approved plantations.

The processes in extracting the moisture from wood pellets means they are super absorbent and do not clump – creating a litter box for your cat which is easier to clean. In addition, pellets made from pure new pine contain oils which reduce the growth of bacteria that cause ammonia odours.


  • Naturally superior performance
  • Contains natural oils that inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause the ammonia smell
  • Heavier than paper-based litter and doesn't stick to cat’s feet even when wet
  • Does not contain pigments or added colouring that commonly stain cat (particularly white) fur
  • Absorbs liquid waste very quickly
  • Extra absorbent
  • Easy to use
  • Controls odour
  • Suitable for any pets
  • Adds a fresh, pine scent to the litter tray
  • 100% Australia Tasmania made
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Can be used with any litter tray

Use EcoPellets Cat Litter as an alternative to paper-based or synthetic kitty litter products.
EcoPellets Cat Litter can be used in any regular cat litter tray, and has the benefit of not clumping, providing easier clean-up and less mess than other cat litter alternatives.

Pack Weight: 10kg

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