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Ice N Easy Equine

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Ice N Easy Equine provides two premium cold therapy products for horses, taking a targeted approach to acute soft tissue injuries and surgery recovery.

Why Ice & Easy?
Ice should be applied within 48 - 72 hours of injury.  
Ice N Easy equine has been developed and designed to target specific joints and muscle groups to ensure those areas are receiving adequate attention. This allows complete compression around the injured or sore site, confidence against ice burn, as well as a contained icing experience allowing for movement by the horse during the process. 

It is best practice to ice for 20 minutes with 2 hours off. The outcome of the 2 hours off is to let the temperature of the injured site to return to homeostasis (constant internal resting temperature of the horse) 

The Ice N Easy Equine Single, has been developed to target specific acute injury sites, or the area of inflammation on your horse. The coupling of the reusable ice bag and the compression strap provides a reduction in pain and inflammation in the specific location without discomfort. Simply add ice (crushed or cubed) in the reusable ice bag and  be confident your horse's injured site will be sustaining a colder temperature for longer than gel packs whilst staying in place.  

The Ice N Easy Equine Double has been engineered for those horses who have large inflammation around joints in addition to those who are post surgery. The Ice N Easy Equine Double provides a longer strap incorporating two access holes to fit 2 reusable ice bags. This feature allows the entirety of the joint to be iced, ensuring large inflammation to a joint or muscle can be accessed providing constant compression. This is great for post surgery recovery of horses and those wanting a thorough icing in a specific area. 

Where can you use it: Hock; Fetlock; Knee; Shin; Cannon; Navicular 
What do I use it to treat:  Inflammation; Tendinopathy; Muscle recovery bruising; Joint sprains; Muscle sprains;  Muscle soreness 

  • Reusable Ice Bag: Just add ice. All reusable bags come with a 3 year warranty & a life span of 8 years. These ice bags cool the injured site quicker & for longer than gel packs.
  • Clean: Just add water! To clean simply empty the contents of the ice bag and clean both the bag and the compression strap with water & dry appropriately.
  • Recovery: Just add compression. The design of the Equine Double is specifically targeted to cater for those horses who have undergone lower limb surgery. Tackling pain & swelling with ice and compression over the entire joint will decrease recovery time.
  • Versatile: Just add time. Suitable for all lower limb injuries and recovery. Hock, fetlock, shin, Knee, Cannon and Navicular, one product will do them all.
  • Velour rubber composite reusable ice bag
  • Screw cap lid preventing leaks
  • Cap cover to protect the screw cap
  • Velcro straps to tighten the compression strap around the injured or inflamed area.
  • Wide compression strap to cover the injured site and protect the bag.
  • Efficient and easy storage with velcro tabs
SIZE  Single;  Double 

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