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Jenquine all-4-feet Feed, Diet and Pasture Balancer for Horses

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Jenquine all-4-feet is a concentrated feed that is ideal for ALL horses and ponies - and their feet. 

Based on diet analysis, it may replace, balance or remove the need to feed the following:

  • Many manufactured feeds
  • Balancers
  • Amino Acid muscle builders
  • Hoof supplements
  • Omega 3 oil
  • Tying up supplements

If you are currently paying for two or more of the above Jenquine all-4-feet will save you money and you will know that your horse is getting everything they need – all you need to add is fibre and extra salt/oil/energy if needed.  How easy is that?

all-4-feet has been developed by veterinarians & nutritionists to help protect growth, performance, health & soundness through improved nutrition. It is a concentrated feed for all horses & ponies & their FEET. It is especially suitable for those with or at risk of inflammatory conditions & whenever a low starch/sugar/NSC diet is indicated.

all-4-feet removes the need to feed multiple supplements (except on veterinary advice), & can replace manufactured feeds or be added to any roughage/grain-based diet.

It is a fundamental principle of nature that every horse & pony requires the same basic nutrients. The total amount required varies with age, breed, body weight, clinical conditions, exercise intensity, growth & reproductive status – but the essential nutrients are the same. Horses in work require the same nutrients as spelling or growing horses, broodmares, convalescing or aged horses & ponies - but in larger amounts.

It is also a fundamental principle that the more a horse eats, the more nutrients they take in. Pregnant mares & growing, hard-working horses simply need to be fed more of the same nutrients to ensure that their increased requirements are met.

Recommended for all horses / ponies & their feet:

  • All foals, weanlings, yearlings & sales prep

  • All horses & ponies in light - hard work

  • All spellers, aged & retired

  • All performance, competition & racing horses

  • All breeding stock, mares, creep feeding, stallions

  • Non heating, no millrun, no grain by-products

Especially indicated for:

  • Post injury & surgery

  • Post work recovery

  • Convalescing & aged

  • Gut disturbances & ulcers

  • Inflammatory conditions

  • Topline & muscle building

  • Sound growth & development

  • Laminitis

  • Insulin-Resistance

  • Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)

  • Developmental Orthopaedic Diseases

  • Tying-up

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