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KER B-Quiet Paste - 2 X 30g Twin Pack

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B-Quiet is formulated to manage the symptoms of thiamine and magnesium deficiency, including hyper-irritability, nervousness and anxiety, which may result in decreased performance.
B-Quiet is available as a pellet or convenient paste for daily or strategic use when travelling or competing.

Why use B-Quiet?
• Combination of thiamine and magnesium to support excitable, highly strung or anxious horses
• Recent research has found that supplementing thiamine and organic magnesium to your horse’s diet can reduce anxiety by assisting the maintenance of nerve function
• Thiamine plays a vital role in carbohydrate metabolism and nerve transmission
• Horses on high-grain, low-forage diets or hard-working horses, may have reduced production of thiamine by intestinal bacteria because of stress or hindgut acidosis
• Magnesium has an important role in muscle and nerve function
• Horses that are deficient in magnesium can show signs of spooky and excitable behaviour, and may suffer muscle tremors or cramping
• Recent research has shown that magnesium supplementation may positively influence behaviour in horses during stressful situations
• Does not contain prohibited substances

When to use B-Quiet
• Horses prone to hyper-irritability, nervousness, and anxiety
• Horses on high-grain, low-forage diets or those in heavy training
• The day of competition, travel, or any stressful events such as weaning or during early stages of training.

 Active Constituents      30g       1kg
Magnesium     5000mg     16.66%
Thiamine (Vitamin B)   1,000mg      3.33%

Feeding Recommendations:
One to two tubes may be given for two days prior and on the day of a show, competition or stressful event.
 These recommendations are for horses with a mature body weight of 500kg. Please adjust according to the weight of your horse.

Pack Size: Convenient Twin Pack - Contains two 30g tubes

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