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Kohnke's Own Energy Gold

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Kohnke’s Own Energy Gold is a highly palatable, premium oil supplement with added Vitamin E.

Energy Gold is a premium ‘super cool’ oil and fatty acid supplement, designed to deliver daily energy for performance, stamina and coat shine.
Blended from cold-pressed, virgin Australian sourced oils, Energy Gold is a slow release, non-fizzy source of omega fatty acids, offering natural anti-inflammatory benefits and improved muscular function, as well as enhancing coat and skin health for a glossy shine.

Energy Gold is garlic flavoured to please reluctant eaters and contains no preservatives or sugar, making it suitable for grain or sugar-sensitive horses and ponies as an energy source or coat conditioner.

Dr John Kohnke’s special Energy Gold formulation provides a ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids that make it superior to other oils, such as linseed or flaxseed, which are only palatable in small amounts.
A specific balance of omega fatty acids can offer benefits for overall health including anti-inflammatory properties, and improvement in gastric, muscle and immune function. Energy Gold is also uniquely boosted with an optimal, fat-soluble source of vitamin E as an antioxidant for muscle and cellular function in exercising horses.

Energy Gold is specially designed to have flexible dosage rates with small amounts to encourage a show-winning shine and larger supplementation rates for cool energy.

Which Horses Benefit?
• For all horses as a fat source in the feed for daily energy - ‘cool’, slow release energy
• Provides energy without sugar or starch for horses which are sensitive to sugar or prone to laminitis
• As a coat conditioner supplement for equestrian and show horses.
• An omega fatty acid source for common or basic rations for working horses
• As a slow release energy source for horses needing fat-based energy for performance, strength and stamina over long periods of training, racing and competition.
• Especially for balanced energy profiles for equestrian and racing horses on high grain diets which are prone to tying up, excessive ‘fizz’ or lack of staying power from shortfalls in daily energy intake.
• To increase palatability of feeds and supplements provided to fussy eaters. Garlic flavouring is particularly beneficial to mask medications or unpalatable feeds and supplements.
• Mixer for pastes to ensure slow uptake for optimum absorption (ie Mag-E calming paste, Gastro-Coat paste).

Supplementation Guidelines:
Commence Energy Gold supplementation in a step-wise manner over 14 days, increasing the amount fed by 30 mL every three days. It may take up to 6-8 weeks for a horse’s digestive system and metabolic processes to adapt to a higher level of fat in the feed as an energy source during exercise.

For all horses, including grazing or resting horses and ponies to improve coat shine and condition. 
Add 12mL for each 100kg body weight daily to the feed. ie 60mL for a 500kg horse.

For general working horses to provide cool energy and improve coat condition plus the natural benefits of balanced Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acid ratio. 
Add 15 – 20mL for each 100kg body weight daily to the feed.  ie 75 – 100mL for a 500kg horse.

For working horses needing energy for performance, strength and stamina over long periods of training, racing or competition.  For athletic or performance horses on high-grain diets. 
Add between 125mL and  250mL daily to the feed for horses 400 – 600kg body weight.  

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