MecWorma & Tape Allwormer Paste for Horses 32.5g

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Fiona Y. (Sydney, AU)
No problems

I found this easy to use and my horse, that knows what a wormer is, saw it and clamped mouth shut. I was able to give him a little taste and then he excepted it pretty well, was able to get him to lower his head, put tube in his mouth and I was easily able to push plunger with one hand. Both me and the horse think it was good to use and I really liked the price :-) .

Brilliant product

A very consistently good product for a very good price. I find MecWorma products to be some of the best on the market. Not to gluggy and not too runny.

Bron (Inverloch, AU)
Horses hate it

This works OK but gave to a number of horses 3 months ago and they hated it. They are horses that usually do not mind being wormed. Went to worm again today with a different wormer. We don't hide the wormer as they usually don't care, but this time as soon as they saw we had a wormer they ran away.