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NRG Bitter Tails 950mL

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NRG Bitter Tails incorporates NRG Bitter Taste to deter foals and young horses from chewing tails.
NRG Bitter Tails is a water repellent spray that will stay on for days. It will not cause tangles, maintaining and easy to groom tail.

Key Benefits:
  • Water repellent qualities
  • The most bitter taste that will last for days
  • Will not cause tangles, easy to groom
  • Safe to use with no harsh fumes
  • Does not contain capsicum
  • Does not return positive swab
  • Quick drying
  • Water-based emulsion
  • Fluorescent green colour to indicate where you have but will fade after 3-4 minutes

Directions for Use:

  • Gloves, face & eye protection recommended to avoid the bitter taste on your own skin

  • Shake before use

  • Open nozzle

  • Always spray downwind to avoid droplets on your face or hands as the bitter taste can remain on skin for a while

  • Spray in a sweeping downward motion, 5-10cm away from tail

  • Close nozzle once you have finished using to avoid seepage

  • Wash hands well with warm soapy water after use


Customer Reviews

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Works a treat when sprayed on rugs to discourage the naughty baby horse from using them as chew toys 🤣