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Serenity Aquatics Turtle Health Block

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The Serenity Turtle Health Block is scientifically formulated to condition the water that your pet lives in, whilst releasing beneficial minerals to maintain health. Calcium with vitamin D3 and other minerals are released into the water, to help prevent shell softening, which is caused by the water becoming acidic, which in turn burns the reptile shell and skin.

It is also very important to create an environment where your pet can both enter and leave the water, which enables time for its shell to dry out.

Naural sunlight or artificial lighting are also essential to keep your pet healthy.

This block acts as a pH buffer, reducing acid while also neuralizing ammonia, which is produced by the animals body waste.

SIZE: 20g, 60g, 100g

Customer Reviews

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Erik (Melbourne, AU)
Tried and Tested

I have been using the Serenity Aquatics Turtle Health Block for at least 8 years now and have found the water stays cleaner for longer. I tested this by not using the blocks for a few months. In this time I started to have issues with the water quality and needed to do more frequent water changes.

Mark (Melbourne, AU)
Serenity Turtle Health Block

Good price with delivery for what I think is the best turtle tank health block. I’ve always preferred it to the smaller green Reptile One option that disappears before I have done a full water change and filter clean monthly. I do partial water changes weekly and always use a water conditioner and bacteria stability when I do this.
Fresh water long neck turtle was found on the beach 16 years ago fully grown.
Rethink buying one for your kids!
It has outlived a 13 year old dog that was a puppy when he found it on the beach!!!!

Good price goes a long way too

Good price with longevity