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Zylkene Calm Chews for Medium Dogs 10-30kg - 14 Chews

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Zylkene is a natural calming supplement for dogs and cats facing short-term challenging situations. 

Key benefits:

  • Most recommended calming supplement by vets

  • Clinically proven calming qualities of natural origin

  • Works inside and outside the home so pets feel calmer wherever they are

  • No side effects like drowsiness or sleepiness

  • Easy to administer and proven palatability

How does it work?

Zylkene contains a natural milk protein called casein that has been clinically proven to promote the relaxation of new-borns after breastfeeding. Casein delivers ‘calming messages’ to the brain via the body’s natural ‘messenger’ system (scientifically known as Neurotransmitters) helping calm a new-born.  Zylkene uses this same protein to naturally help calm your cat or dog.

Easy to give

Simply feed the dog  the palatable chew.  

When to give Zylkene?

Give Zylkene 1-2 days before a predicted stressful event or change in environment.  These short-term triggers may include firework displays, thunderstorms, being home alone, travel or boarding, moving to a new house, a trip to the groomer or vet. 

Zylkene calming supplements are an ideal choice to help support your cat or dog in challenging situations.

Dogs 10-15kg 1chew/day
Dogs 15-30kg 2 chews/day

Pack Size: 14 chews

Available as powder filled capsules for small dogs & cats. See separate entry.

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