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Naomi H. (Melbourne, AU)
Loveable Lambchop

Lambchop the First has been a member of our family for years. Much loved and carried with care by our Bichon he knows every corner of our home and yard. Only one of the several squeakers still works so Santa brought Lamb Chop the Second this year to learn the ropes with a view to succession in the future. Impeccable quality, soft and cuddly and several squeakers so when one goes there are backups. Love it!

Sarah W. (Brisbane, AU)
Best Toy Ever

From the moment Bailey got Lamb Chop, it was love. He's the kind of dog who needs to bring you a "gift" to say hello and who likes to walk around with something in his mouth just because. He absolutely LOVES Lamb Chop, cuddles him in bed and communicates via lots of squeaking when he is happy, excited or wants to play. Lamb Chop has become such a part of his personality that I'm afraid I've had to buy a couple of backups (we're now up to LC3), so I can keep washing them. Having a slobbery filthy Lamb Chop shoved in my face is not the loving experience the shover intended it to be! If you have a dog who won't just rip the stuffing out of this toy, it's highly recommended.

D J.R. (Sydney, AU)
Love Lamb Chop

🤣🤣 I actually bought this for me, and I won't give it to the dogs! Loved Lamb Chop as a child, and I'm keeping this!!!

MJ (Perth, AU)
Good quality.

Puppy liked it!

Alli (Elizabeth Hills, AU)
Perfect for new pup

Bought as a gift for friends new puppy
Was instant love
I will keep buying in larger sizes as he grows
I lost my precious boy aged 15 in September and lamb chop was his essential and went with him over the rainbow bridge
Lamb chop is a dogs best friend