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Austrazole Topical Fungicide for Dogs & Horses 100mL

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Austrazole is topical fungicide for dogs and horses. Use for the control of ringworm & other forms of dermatomycosis in horses & dogs. Active constituent: Enilconazole 100 mg/mL

Features of Austrazole:

* Broad-spectrum anti-fungal treatment (fungi and yeasts)

* Decontamination of fungal spores from animal's environment and habitat

* Treatment for ringworm on cats – an 'off label use'

* Easily applied as topical treatment as wash or spray

* A leave on treatment – for hair and skin

* A very effective treatment for Malassezia pachydermatis


Enilconazole is a synthetic antimycotic with potent antifungal actions against dermatophytes.


Dilute 1 part Austrazole topical fungicide in 50 parts of lukewarm water (to 20 mL of Austrazole topical fungicide add lukewarm water and make up to 1 Litre). Make up the quantity of wash needed to treat the animal immediately. Discard any remaining unused diluted wash after application.

Remove crusts from skin and hair with a hard brush which has been soaked in the diluted Austrazole topical fungicide. At the first treatment the animal should be sprayed or washed completely.

HORSES: The skin lesions/infected and surrounding area should be washed using Austrazole topical fungicide 4 times, at 3 to 4 day intervals.

DOGS: Wash using Austrazole topical fungicide at 3 to 4 day intervals. It is important that the skin is thoroughly wet with the emulsion. When applying the diluted emulsion brush the hair in the opposite direction to hair growth. Long haired dogs should be clipped. New hair growth may be temporarily discoloured.


Treat twice weekly for two weeks (4 treatments)

First treatment: Wash the entire animal with the emulsion. Brush hair to ensure skin and hair is thoroughly soaked with Austrazole.

Second treatment: Apply emulsion to ringworm lesions.

Third treatment: Apply emulsion to ringworm lesions.

Fourth treatment: Wash the entire animal with the emulsion. Brush hair to ensure skin and hair is thoroughly soaked with Austrazole.


To help prevent re-infection and contamination by ringworm spores wash or spray with the diluted emulsion all stable equipment including girth straps, saddles, harnesses, bridles, head stalls, riding boots and other equipment that may have been used on the ringworm affected horse.

For dogs wash or spray all equipment which may have been used such as brushes, baskets, blankets, collars etc.

Apply and do not rinse off.

SIZE: 100mL

Customer Reviews

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Ronald Eddy (Melbourne, AU)
Recent purchase of Austrazole

Happy with the service

Anne Hadley (Manly, AU)
Not ideal

My vet recommended this for my dogs itchy paws however I was very concerned how toxic the solution was and the recommendation that I wear a face mask and gloves when mixing. The solution made my dogs feet even itchier and I was very concerned about him digesting the product.

Horse Lover
Great product

Great for resolving Ringworm outbreaks. It's a leave on product and you can use it to get rid of the ringworm spores on equipment and in stables.

Dog Fan
Good value

Good value because it works

Big Fella's mum
Fantastic product. So easy to use and it works.

I smell that yeasty smell and see the red paws. This is the first thing I reach for. Can make up a footbath. Its leave on so no waiting around in the bathroom trying to stop him from shaking toxic shampoo all over the room. Always have a bottle on hand.