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Austrazole Topical Fungicide for Dogs & Horses 100mL

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ronald E. (Melbourne, AU)
Recent purchase of Austrazole

Happy with the service

Anne H. (Manly, AU)
Not ideal

My vet recommended this for my dogs itchy paws however I was very concerned how toxic the solution was and the recommendation that I wear a face mask and gloves when mixing. The solution made my dogs feet even itchier and I was very concerned about him digesting the product.

Horse L.
Great product

Great for resolving Ringworm outbreaks. It's a leave on product and you can use it to get rid of the ringworm spores on equipment and in stables.

Dog F.
Good value

Good value because it works

Big F.m.
Fantastic product. So easy to use and it works.

I smell that yeasty smell and see the red paws. This is the first thing I reach for. Can make up a footbath. Its leave on so no waiting around in the bathroom trying to stop him from shaking toxic shampoo all over the room. Always have a bottle on hand.