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Black Dog Wear Haltermate

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The Haltermate is Black Dog's new figure 8 head halter. It is our Second Generation figure 8 halter - we re-designed the Infin8 and it has evolved into the Haltermate.

The Haltermate is easier to fit and adjust, yet keeps all the great features which made the original comfortable and effective.It sits securely and will not ride up into your dog's eyes. The lead attaches at the back and dogs respond quickly and easily to lead pressure.

But the Haltermate is even better - it can be left on your dog without a lead attached, it is simple to adjust and sits centered on the dog's neck. We've retained all the great features of the Infin8, without any of the hard bits.

The Haltermate is is essentially a Flat Collar with a Martingale Loop and Noseband attached. Your lead is clipped at the back of the dog's neck, so it feels just like a normal collar and the noseband only tightens when the dog pulls. This gives a very clear On/Off signal, so your dog will respond quickly and learn quickly, even to light pressure on the lead. And no matter how the lead is used, the nosebend will not ride up into the dog's eyes.

The Haltermate is extremely effective in calming a pulling, boisterous dog, without the need for harsh corrections or gruff training techniques.

Fitting is easy - clip the collar on, then wrap the noseband 1.. 2.. 3...

When you first get your Haltermate, take a little time to read the instructions and to understand the full possibilities of this halter. It won't be long before you and your dog will be enjoying walks, with your dog accepting and respecting your fingertip control.

COLOURS:  Blue;  Red;  Green;  Pink;  Purple;  Black;  Orange 

Size 1: Neck size 24-36cm
Size 2: Neck size 28-40cm
Size 3: Neck size 35-53cm
Size 4: Neck size 40-65cm

The size chart  will give you more information on how to select the correct size for the best fit on your dog.

Please note we have pictured he Size 3 Haltermate to show the various colour options available. The actual collar and noseband widths differ between sizes as per below:
The Size 1 Collar has a collar width of 14mm and the nose strap is approx 9mm wide
The Size 2 Collar has a collar width of 14mm and the nose strap is approx 12mm wide
The Size 3 Collar has a collar width of 20mm and the nose strap is approx 12mm wide
The Size 4 Collar has a collar width of 20mm and the nose strap is approx 12mm wide

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Price (Melbourne, AU)

Absolutely love the dog halter I purchased for my 11pm that old German shepherd it actually stops her from pulling I would recommend to any one that is looking for some kind of restraint to stop their dog from pulling their are out of their socket and being able to do a proper walk with their dog.

S Grace (Sydney, AU)
New Halter Mate

I honestly feel everyone with a Dog with a longer muzzle that can wear a halter should have one - the amount of dogs I see on body halters pulling their humans is astounding and people that have no control of their dogs - even more astounding.
I adopted a somewhat reactive rescue in September 2021 and the only training halter used by a well respected trainer that was part of his adoption was the other version of the halter mate that connects to the lead under chin and has the toggle - we have used that version ever since - the two challenges are that they connect under chin and I found it annoying as the lead would invariably end up between his legs - and if he was ever left with the halter on for an extended period of inactivity and he didn't like it - I am talking 5 minutes here - he could chew through the halter very quickly - so I have gone through about 6 of them -

I have been looking at this version for a while - and while it took a bit to figure out how to attach properly - finally the video was the only answer - as the written instructions are rubbish - I DO Like this one very much - it seems it will take more for him to chew through it :) and also I can attach his lead to the collar part alone - yes the muzzle part has to be tucked in if you undo it and only use lead but I do like that you can a a quickly unclip that part for total freedom from the figure 8 over the muzzle and it still offers great freedom jaw wise etc for the dog when figure 8 is on - . It doesn't strictly stay on the back of the neck even though the main collar is very snugly fitted but it does stay above throat area.

I continue to use these training halters as they are the most effective way I have found to be able to quickly get the dogs focus back if he is somewhat escalated - ie chickens, bush turkeys, or other dogs just being annoying, and also as he is 30 plus kilos it saves me from getting my arm ripped off if for some reason we find ourselves in an uncertain situation - I find mentally that my four legged also just behaves better he kind of gets that when it's on - maybe one day the training will be so good we can just go flat collar only but for me it is peace of mind as a rescue no matter who starts a potential "situation" his breed and being surrendered renders him the troublmaker no matter what.

I highly recommend this halter but just ensure you have it on your dog in the correct way - as I didn't for a week - and that's where skin rubbing and issues would happen.

Well done Black Dog but to echo another comment here - Black Dog directly does need to be on it for consumer response!!!!!

Vet n Pet Direct I love



Vern Veitch (Brisbane, AU)
Haltremate Review

My big pup is much easier to control with the Haltermate and is more tolerant of wearing it compared to an ordinary halter which he couldn't get comfortable with.

KELLY (Melbourne, AU)
Halter mate

It’s fine except for when you want to take your dog to the dog park and need to take the gear off all together, then you have no collar around your dog as it’s all connected. I prefer for k9 bridle for this reason. If not taking to dog park and just walking it’s ok