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Black Dog Wear Grooming Loop - Single Adjustable

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The Black Dog Wear Adjustable Grooming Loop clips to a Grooming Arm and has the integrated Side Release Buckle to easily connect and release the dog.

It can be adjusted to suit an individual dog's height without needing to adjust the Grooming Arm.

The loop can be used to hold a dog's head steady, or 2 can be used together - one on each front leg - to support and control the dog's front end.

COLOURS:    Red;   Black;   Purple

Customer Reviews

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Rachel (Sydney, AU)

I use this everyday in my Mobile Grooming business. I have one in the bath and one on my grooming table. They are adjustable and strong for big dogs and gentle enough for small dogs.

Dog wash extraordinaire
Does exactly what it says it does

We use these loops every day in our grooming business,great product that does the job!

Black Dog Grooming Loop - Single Adjustable

I bought the body sling and the loop however for my dogs it just isn't adjustable enough. For medium to tall dogs it needs to be able to be made very short which it can't. I wasted my money as these items aren't cheap!!!

Black Dog Grooming Loop - Single Adjustable

A valuable addition to the body sling to ensure that when I groom Missy & Ebony I can have both hands free. I bought 2 to completely stabilise the front of their body.