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FBC Bloodfood 30 x 30g Sachets

FBC BLOODFOOD contains the blood building minerals, Iron, Copper and Cobalt together with B-Complex vitamins, folic acid and amino acids to kick-start the bone marrow to generate new red blood cells.

Following a course of FBC BLOODFOOD, the everyday Iron requirements of hard working horses can be maintained with Ironcyclen and/or Feramo-H.

Beneficial for:

  • Building blood counts in early training.
  • Maintaining appetite and vitality during hard training
  • Providing a pre-race boost of blood-building nutrients
  • Horses recovering from illness, infection or parasite infestation.
Why use FBC Bloodfood?
It is a complete blood building package - Iron, B-Complex vitamins and trace minerals, plus amino acids.

Contains Iron Carbonyl - a very powerful source of Iron. Packaged in individual serve sachets to ensure quality of contents.


Each 30g sachet contains:

- Iron 230mg
- Copper 10.3mg
- Cobalt 210ug

Amino Acids
- Glycine 100mg
- Lysine 200mg
- Methionine 100mg

- Vitamin B1 15mg
- Vitamin B2 25mg
- Vitamin B3 300mg
- Vitamin B6 15mg
- Vitamin B12 500ug
- Folic Acid 7.5mg

Directions For Use:
Horses (450-500Kg)
Racing, hardwork, lactating mares
Initial Dose: 2 Sachets for 10 Days 
Follow-Up Dose: 1 Sachets daily for 10 Days
Maintenance: 1 sachet every alternate, or as required.

Lightwork, Pregnant mares, Stallions at stud
Initial Dose: 1 Sachet daily for 10 days
Maintenance Dose: 1 sachet every alternate day for 10 days, or as required.

Ponies 1 sachet every alternate day for 3 weeks, then as required.

FBC BLOODFOOD is available in boxes of 30 x 30g sachets.

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FBC Bloodfood 30 x 30g Sachets

We love this product for our young race horses, right from performance to recovery. I won't go on without it in my stable.