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Eliminate feed loss problems from rats, mice and other birds with the Feed-O-Matic!

The innovative design of the Feed-O-Matic allows poultry to easily access feed while keeping rats, mice and wild birds from being able to reach the feed trough. A metal door flap covers the feed trough when not in use and quickly opens when a bird steps onto the green front step. The covered feed trough helps minimize feed waste and spoilage while ensuring only your birds are able to access the feed.

The Feed-O-Matic feeders work best with dry pellet or crumble feed. Mash, whole grain and grit can cause the feeder trough to become clogged and limit flow.

The Feed-O-Matic features 1mm galvanized sheet metal construction and a durable heavy plastic latching lid. The front step is also constructed of durable heavy duty plastic and is designed to allow water and litter to fall through the grates.

The Feed-O-Matic will quickly pay for itself by saving you money on feed costs and minimizing or eliminating the need to use rat/mouse bait!

SIZES:  5kg;   8kg;  12kg;  20kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Vincenzo Granata (Melbourne, AU)

To all bird owners
This product has to be the best manufactured feeder ever produced.
It’s worth every dollar.
Works like clockwork keeps vermin and sparrows away.
Forget every other plastic device.
It has taken the world 75 years to design such a winner.

My pigeons have become Royalty 🤴


The chooks are starving and frightened

Susan (Prospect, AU)
Rat and bird problem remains

My chooks are able to choose the feed they like and toss the rest outside and there are large piles of uneaten food thrown on the ground. Major problem with rats and rosellas.

Unable to fix a small grate to this model to stop chooks throwing food out. Waste of money and made the problem worse.

Hope the manufacturer reads this review.

Sorry to hear that it is not what you expected.
An alternative product is the Chooketeria Self Service Poultry Feeder 5kg. It is deeper therefore the chooks are less likely to beak the food out. One of the girls in the office has the Chooketeria for her girls and finds it works very well.